Usability In One Step

Joel on Software’s latest (and well said) rant provides an analogy of how usability is different based on the user’s experiences. When a Mac user users a PC and a PC user uses a Mac, they’re going to find it uncomfortable because they’re set in their ways. I know someone who is currently in Europe and wrote me an email from Germany where two letters were reversed along with some other differences. While I was able to read her email, it was riddled with symbols that appeared when she press a key out of habit. Does that make the German keyboard an example of poor usability?

Here’s the simple point Joel makes if you read nothing else: “Something is usable if it behaves exactly as expected.”

When I reviewed over 200 Web sites, I had to try everything out so I could judge them fairly. A few Web sites’ design teams tried to get too creative as I was surprised by what happened after I did something. This tells me that they were trying to veer from standard expectations or they completely left out the users while designing their sites.

When we work on a site, we get to know it too well to find these surprises. Ask a friend of family member to try things out and see what happens.

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