My Portal

There are a lot of different start pages out there to choose from. My main problem with the start page solutions out there is I just don’t like most of them. So what is a picky guy to turn to? Well, with this new Firefox extension, I can set my bookmarks up as my start page.

The My Portal Firefox extension takes your bookmarks and turns them into a Web site. After you install the extension, you can see your created portal at “myportal://”. Now that is only where the fun begins.

You can customize this new portal with a style sheet you can plug right into the extension’s options. If you don’t like the colors of something or the Web page background, just change it. There are a few more simple ways of changing the colors and interface via the extension options as well.

Another neat thing is that if you visit one bookmark more than another, the one you visit will grow in size. Now all the bookmarks you visit more often are bigger and easier to click.

Now sure, there are other ways of doing this. This extension makes things quick, easy and simple plus it is a little different as well. If you want to see your bookmarks a new way, then give this Firefox extension a shot.

This Firefox extension is for versions 1.5 and up of the browser. If you want to download it and try it out for yourself, you can do so at the Mozilla Update Web site.

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