Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2006

If you are a movie addict, then you should definitely give Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide 2006 a try.

This program packs 21,000 films right into your palm. When you select a film, you can see Leonard Maltin’s opinion (1-4 stars), the rating itself (G, PG, PG-13, R), a short summary, whether it was released on DVD or VHS, and many other properties of the movie.

The program’s best feature is its ability to run a search on its database. You can specify certain criteria, and it runs a search for it. For instance, I wanted to see a movie with Nicholas Cage, made in the last decade, and rated PG-13, and it came up with the movies that matched that criteria.

It also gives you the ability to keep track of your movie library. You can add the movies that you own, which helps you keep track of them, and this helps if your roommate “borrows” a movie (steals it forever) and then claims that he’s never seen that movie before.

The program also allows you to connect through the Internet and upload its most recent movie database. This is a handy feature to stay current with Hollywood’s newest releases.

My only concern with this program is the rating system it puts on the movies. It seems that the majority of recent movies get very poor ratings while the only movies that get good reviews are the “classics” that were made before we were born. I understand that time can add quality to a movie, but I do believe the modern special effects, humor, and storylines may have been overlooked in its rating system.

The positives do outweigh the few negatives, and this program is definitely worth a try. Let us know your opinion on the program!

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