New information comes down the pipeline on a regular basis throughout the day, and keeping up with it all can prove to be a full-time job. Most of us don’t have time to search for the latest news all of the time, so it’s better for us when new items automatically appear in front of our eyes. This is one of the main reasons why RSS is so popular, and it completely makes sense. Slide takes the concept of instant information to a whole new level.

This service essentially provides rolling filmstrips that contain the latest pictures from a variety of services. When you roll your mouse over an image, you receive its unique headline and can then click on it to read the full story. Besides only seeing these filmstrips on the Internet, you can also download the Slide Player so you can watch what you want straight from your desktop. Whether it’s a collection of personal photos or content from an RSS feed, people can subscribe to this stream of information in order to be instantly updated on what’s new.

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