Samsung begins mass-production of 80 nm DDR2 modules

As a rule, Samsung is pretty good about coming out with new technology that can really ‘wow’ a person. So when we hear news about the mass production of 80 nm modules, obviously there is bound to be some excitement amongst the geek community.

Samsung today announced that it has begun volume production of DDR2 memory modules in 80 nm. According to the company, the move from its 90 nm to the 80 nm process technology increases production efficiency by 50%.

“With demand for DDR2 at its highest level since it was made its market debut in 2004, our 80-nm technology provides us with the ability to more efficiently support the sustained demand growth that is expected in the DDR2 marketplace this year,” said Tom Trill, director of DRAM marketing at Samsung Semiconductor, in a prepared statement. Source: TG Daily

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