Digg has done great things for online content. Instead of having a small group of editors decide what the people should see, the visitors themselves get to vote and comment on what they like, and when a news item receives enough votes, it then gets moved to the front page for all to see. Giving this power to the users can be viewed as taking a risk, but it pays off in the end because they run the show, and what gets priority is content that has already been appreciated by a large number of your visitors. VideoSift is a site that strongly resembles Digg, but instead of featuring Web sites, it focuses on videos from Google Video and YouTube.

The scenario is familiar – the users vote on the videos that they like, and the popular items make it to the front page. This service is fairly new, but there are already some great videos that have been featured. You’ll find a bunch of unique stuff here, and one of the nice things about VideoSift is that all of the videos are viewable directly from their page, meaning that there’s no need to click-through to another site to see what you want to see.

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