Kororaa live CD has Linux quivering

Now this really rocks!! A Live CD that is perfect for testing out the new Xgl interface that we are always hearing about. Actually, I may download this one myself. I have the horsepower, might as well try something new…

A new live CD from the Kororaa Project is making big waves in the Linux community, because it provides an easy way to see and use Xgl, the X server graphics technology that’s the hottest thing to hit the Linux desktop since the blinking cursor. I took the live CD for a spin, and interviewed three members of the Kororaa project.

Novell released its contributions to Xgl to the open source community last month. It also announced that Xgl will be included in the SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to be released this summer, and has provided instructions on how you can add it now to existing SUSE releases.

You can also add Xgl to other distributions of Linux, such as Gentoo and Ubuntu Dapper. But if you just want to see and experience Xgl for yourself, without risking your current system by going through a somewhat difficult installation process, there is only one place you can go: to the new live CD from Kororaa. Source: NewsForge

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