Not really a new idea, but perhaps of breathing some life into an old one? Yes, I think that I can swallow that one. While most of us will not likely use this ourselves, it might be a fun alternative to the stale old Google search boxes that so many of us currently use.

Blogbar is a free search engine bar you can simply include in your own blog or website.

With Blogbar, you’ll allow your web visitors to
– search within your blog/website,
– search the web with the major search engines,
– search the blogosphere with the major blog search engines!

It just takes one minute to set up, and you’re ready to search!

Yes you do! Try the blue Blogbar on the right column, and you’ll see how powerful it is for such a small footprint!

It can help your visitors find what they’re looking for in your blog or website, plus help them navigate faster on the web. Source: Blogbar

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