Portable Recorders for Podcasters : Music

Not to burst anyone’s bubble here, but digital recorders are simply not anything new. Having said this, they are handy for podcasters needing to do things from the mobile space.

VoiceAtom is a just-outa-beta application for PocketPCs (windows mobile) that automates portable podcasting. In includes an ASP model for hosting. Let’s have a quick look at it and some other options.

All you need to use AudioBay is a Pocket PC 2002, 2003, or Windows Mobile 5.0 device with audio input or a built in mike. Obviously input is preferable, so a device like the Axim X50/51 is ideal. For semi-pro use you will need a suitable splitter for the PDAs audio i/o jack, an XLR to minijack converter to connect the mike, a phantom power pack for the mike, and a suitable mike. Use cable ties to tidy up. If this all seems too complex, then a quality headset is probably your bet, but remember it will make interviews and outdoor work next-to impossible. Source: Extropia Design

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