Verizon, T-Mobile Tops In Call-Quality Survey

While I am really skeptical of T-Mobile’s results, I can’t say that the good marks during a survey for Verizon are all that much of a shock to me. Verizon has been making serious headway ever since Cingular has bought out AT&T Wireless. I suppose they want to make sure that the market is not completely taken over by one of their biggest competitors.

Verizon and T-Mobile deliver the clearest calls across much of the country, and Cingular has trouble making connections, research firm JD Power and Associates said in a new report yesterday.

In a survey of 23,368 wireless users nationwide, JD Power’s Wireless Call Quality Performance Study concluded that Verizon and T-Mobile tied for best calls in the Northeast. Verizon triumphed in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, T-Mobile ranked highest in the Southwest and West, and US Cellular did best in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan, an area JD Power called “North Central.” Source: PC Mag