Promptu Brings True Voice Powered Search To Mobile Phones

Definitely a feature that I can see myself getting behind, I am into anything with voice abilities. The idea behind Promptu is actually pretty clever. And the fact that you can initiate a search simply by stating the search term out loud; man, that is just cool.

Promptu, a California based company is being reported by Mobilemodo and moconews as having launched a voice activated search application specifically for mobile phones.

Through the new mobile search program you can search for locations and multimedia content. Want to find a new song by your favorite artist? Simply say their name and voila, you have what youíre looking for.

Brady O Bruce, senoir vice president of trelecom Products and services is very enthusiastic about the new product. Backed by Promptuís Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR) combined with the companyís Connected Rocogniton Engine (CoRE) the Promptu solution allows more flexibility as its service is backed by network servers as opposed to the power of the phone itself. Source: Big Berries