We’re Just Wild About Harry

The Harry Potter craze is alive and well. This has been one of the biggest years for the franchise with the release of the sixth book and fourth movie in the series. There are all kinds of fans, from the casual one who reads the books, to the one that would enroll at Hogwarts if they were given a chance. Today’s Warped site is one that will satisfy the wants and needs of just about any wizard, warlock, squib, or muggle.

The site is called We’re Just Wild About Harry, and it does not refer to the popular song title of years gone by. This is a simple site that is a clearinghouse for sites about Harry Potter and his world. They feature as complete a collection of Web sites as I have seen. There are also links to Amazon.com.uk where you can order the British versions of the books and audio tapes/CDs. There are some differences between these versions and the American ones.

Harry Potter will long be remembered as the Wizard of Oz of our generation. The stories have a magnetic attraction that make them hard to put away. It brings out the child in all of us who have read one or all of them. Exploring this site will show you how anyone can be wild about Harry.

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