Does Apple Really Need a Media Center?

SvenOnTech raised the question the other day if Apple would be introducing its media center Mac with a Viiv chip. The comments made us stop and think and ask another question, “Does Apple really need a media center?”

Our feelings on Microsoft’s Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) is that it’s cool and all, but why? When you’re ready to veg, you turn on the TV and maybe the TiVo. Done. But having to boot up your TV and then run through a bunch of menus just to get the TV on is bad. Ya, ya, ya, we know you can put your MCE in stand-by, but this is Microsoft we’re talking about.

Look, people don’t want to fiddle with complex menus and even worse, timely start up. The one thing the TV has done well in the last fifty years is it’s turned on, tuned us in, and everything else drops out. No worries. Microsoft can’t match that with MCE and quite frankly, nor can Apple. We here at SvenOnTech believe Steve Jobs and company know and realize that and like the reason it will not revive the Newton, Apple may not be viiv’ing a media center, either.

So what’s the “digital hub” then? Yes, TV is now digital with flat screen and HD everywhere, but is that what Jobs meant? Good question and one only he can really answer. He’s a master with words and being vague gives him wiggle room. He can either claim it did mean TV or it did not. If it did mean TV, I really hope those really smart engineers made something really stupid for us coach potatoes!

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