Software Notebook: Microsoft chasing ads tied to Web search

It seems to me that Microsoft is considering following Google’s style in generating revenue. What you ask? Why getting ads into everything you think of. Once again, I believe that they ought to just buyout an option versus trying to roll out one out themselves.

Microsoft Corp. has big ambitions in the digital advertising market — hoping to someday provide the infrastructure for companies to place ads inside everything from Internet-based television to mobile phones.

Those are some of the long-term possibilities that Microsoft envisions for its upcoming adCenter technology, as outlined by company officials at a conference in Las Vegas last week.

“We want to gather an unprecedented global audience,” said Jed Nahum, director of adCenter product management, during a session on the program at the company’s Mix 06 conference. He explained that the ultimate hope is to make an advertising system that works “across all sorts of properties.” Source: Seattle PI

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