Build Your Own Search Engine

Oh come on now! No one is going to be able to build a search engine of their own without some pretty serious resources, right? Well, that depends on your definition of search engine I suppose.

Ever wanted to create your own search engine? Or use a search engine that’s tailored to the specific topic you’re interested in? Last Friday we released a new Live Search feature called Search Macros that enables you to do this!

What are Search Macros?
Search Macros are a feature of Live Search that make results more relevant for a given search topic. This is done by easily using, creating and sharing customized sets of search engine rules.

Technically speaking, a Search Macros are custom, user-created groups of search operators built with the Live Search query language (see ‘Symbol reference’ and ‘Keyword reference’ in our help section). Macros are stored on our servers and are available to any user on All macros can be used by anyone completely anonymously. Source: MSN Search’s WebLog

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