‘Death calls’ rumour sweeps Orissa

For all of their modern progress, it appears that some regions of the world still fall into the old habit of believing in superstitions. And it all starts with one phone call to your mobile…

About two years back, the state of Uttar Pradesh was abuzz with a new urban legend – muhnochwa, a face-scratching creature.

Scores of people in the state reported being attacked by a strange and brightly-lit flying object that apparently left scratch marks on their faces.

A few months after it began, the muhnochwa seemed to disappear as mysteriously as it had appeared.

Now, there is a new scare in India – calls from mobile phones that kill or make people sick.

People in the eastern state of Orissa are switching off their phones after rumours of the “devil calls” swept the state on Sunday.

The rumour in the state is that the receiver of an SMS or a phone call from an 11- to 14-digit numbers, instead of the regular 10, will fall sick or even die. Source: IBNLive

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