A Tale of Two Terabyte NAS Boxes

Let’s face it, not all NAS boxes are created equal. The same can be said about anything I guess, but reality dictates that only one can truly reign supreme.

As hard drive prices continue to fall, the terabyte NAS box is becoming a more affordable and attractive option for data storage and media streaming at home. Recently we reviewed the TeraStation Home Server, Buffalo’s modestly priced terabyte NAS solution. And now we set our sights on two newcomers in the terabyte NAS club: Infrant’s ReadyNAS NV and Anthology Solutions’ Yellow Machine P400T. Occasionally usable as a supplement to or replacement for home-theater PCs, NASes can be used for streaming pictures, music, and movies to your TV or entertainment center with the help of intermediary streaming devices like the Buffalo LinkTheater or Roku Soundbridge.

Storage capacity and network file transfer performance are important considerations when choosing a NAS, but there are other factors to ponder as well. If you’re using your NAS for specific purposes like backup, media streaming, or business applications, exploring the whole package is key. Does it include automated backup tools? Can you tweak the network performance for jitter-free HD streaming? Does it support the necessary protocols for media sharing with other devices? What about support for USB devices? NAS devices aren’t just getting bigger and faster, they’re becoming more versatile, too. Add-on features can mean the difference between a storage box that digitally connects your home or one just stores your extra bits. Continued… Source: ExtremeTech

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