Right now there are not many options when it comes to opening Web sites in Firefox. The OpenBox Firefox extension gives you a few more options when opening up a new Web site. You can choose to open it in the current tab, a new tab or a new window.

Here is what the developer has to say about the extension:

Enables the Open Location dialog box in Firefox. Access through “File” menu or CTRL-SHIFT-L (CMD-SHIFT-L on Mac OS).

Changes in 0.2.2: Fix keybinding for Mac, should use CMD-SHIFT key (CTRL-SHIFT on Win, Linux); Set maxversion to 1.5.0.*; Button in dialog now labeled “Options” (still not localized)

One of the few problems with this extension is that the “options” button isn’t localized. The next version should support locales, along with keybinding and a few other things. This is one of those extensions that will hopefully only get better with age. One of the comments I noticed about it was that it would be nice if it searched Google as well. I think that might be a little over doing it, but it might be welcomed.

This Firefox extension is for versions 1.0 and up of the browser. If you want to download it and try it out for yourself, you can do so at the Mozilla Update Web site.