Windows CE Add-On Lures Linux Developers

Getting Linux devs is not easy when it involves something other than Linux. Having said this, it appears that Microsoft may be trying to do just that.

Microsoft today released a free upgrade to Windows CE 5.0 aimed at luring media device developers away from Linux and to Redmond’s vision of the digital home. The company made the announcement during the same week of LinuxWorld.

The Networked Media Device Feature Pack, free optional software aimed at OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) of IPTV set-top boxes, digital video recorders and home media gateways, helps developers focus on devices rather than licensing and integration, according to a statement.

“The current business model for the Networked Media Device market is for OEMs to go through a long and costly shopping spree to obtain all the components needed to build the device, including the OS (Linux), media playback, networking and device drivers, UI, codecs, DRM, etc.,” according to Jane Gilson, director of the Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft.

Gilson calls the company’s software pack a “one-stop-shop of fully tested and pre-integrated components. OEMs just need to point and click to add the functionality.” Source: InternetNews

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