Microsoft launches Linux site

With the new “Linux – Microsoft relations beginning to take off, it appears that Microsoft has opened up a new Website designed to make the combined efforts of the two OS’ a lot easier for folks. Should be interesting if nothing else…

Microsoft on Thursday at LinuxWorld is expected to unveil a new Web site for users to find information about its Linux and open-source interoperability efforts, according to the executive in charge of those plans.

Bill Hilf, general manager of platform strategy group for Microsoft, will discuss the site — — during his keynote at the conference in Boston Thursday morning. The site will also go live on Thursday.

Hilf, who formerly worked on Linux deployments at IBM, has been overseeing Microsoft’s Linux and open-source interoperability lab at its Redmond, Washington, campus for the past two years. He recently moved into a more senior position, replacing Martin Taylor, who has moved over to the Windows Live team. Hilf now is in charge of all of Microsoft’s open-source compatibility efforts, including its controversial Get the Facts anti-Linux campaign and its SharedSource initiative, which is the company’s own version of allowing developers access to some of its proprietary source code.

The aim of the new Web site is to make Microsoft’s efforts to ensure its proprietary systems interoperate with open-source software, including Linux, are transparent. The company also is encouraging advice about how to advance these goals, Hilf said. Source: Infoworld

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