Boot Camp Woes Plague Mac Users

Michael Santo of RealTechNews writes:

Boot Camp, as Jimmy wrote about earlier, is a great idea. But it is beta software, and as with all beta software, you’re taking a chance using it.

Under the topic Boot Camp hosed my OS X partition, about a dozen users on an Apple discussion board shared experiences and possible solutions. Worst case scenario involved reformatting the Mac hard drive.

In installing Boot Camp, the hard drive is partitioned for OS X and XP. Installing the latter went without a hitch, but the machine would no longer boot back to the Mac operating system, according to users. Source: TechWeb

We Say: I’ve seen several articles, including the one posted by Jimmy earlier, centered around successfully installing Windows XP on an Intel-based Mac using Boot Camp. But this highlights why, in general, I won’t use beta software, at least on a computer which has data that’s important to me… unless I have a recent system image of it. Beta software is just too risky much of the time.

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