Monk has covered many different sites, each of them slightly warped, in their own unique way. A few weeks ago, while I was avoiding the SuperBowl, I watched a marathon of one of my favorite television shows. Then I got to thinking that the main character is, in his own unique way, a little warped. So tune in and let’s meet Adrian Monk.

Now before you start sending emails about how cruel it is to call Monk a warped person, understand that my concept of warped is that it is all relative, i.e. what is warped to one is not to another. Keeping that in mind, this show has some unusual twists to it that make it a pleasure to watch.

The premise of the show is around the character Adrian Monk. He is a semi-retired detective from the San Francisco Police Department. (I wonder if he knew Harry Callahan?) He is very intelligent and solves many complex cases that others have given up on. What make him unique is his lifestyle and his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). While the show makes light of this affliction, and uses it to put a lighthearted spin on its episodes, it is a very serious problem. But the producers of the show realize this, and give an entire section of the Web site to it. They also have exclusive Webisodes, and blog rooms for the characters.

So if you want to watch a detective show that a little different from the rest, in a warped sort of way, check out Monk on the USA Network. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site a 7.5 (Adrian would want a nice round number, but he doesn’t calibrate the meter).

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