Gas Pains

When will the other shoe drop? Gasoline prices are flirting with the $3 per gallon psych-barrier as we sit back and take it in the wallet, once again. I just got back from a quick jaunt up to Killington, Vermont for a few days of spring skiing. The ride back on the New York Thruway brought a shocker: $2.91 for a gallon of regular. I pumped ten bucks worth of pricey petrol into the tank with the hope of finding a cheaper fill-up here at home …

And sure enough, I did. Thirty cents a gallon cheaper … not an insignificant amount of money when filling up a good-sized tank …

Every time I write about out-of-control gas prices, I get letters from kind European Gnomies telling me how good we have it here in the states. It’s not news to me. We’ve had it easy, by comparison, for a long long time.

As a nation, we’re addicted to gas-guzzlers. Our automakers have not poured enough resources into building — and more importantly, marketing — practical fuel-efficient vehicles that are fun to drive. How sad is it that Detroit continues to play catch-up in a game that’s been running for over thirty years?

On that note, I’m planning to attend the New York Auto Show at some point in the next week or so. With any luck, I’ll have a photo essay to share with the Gnomieverse.

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