Analysts Speak Out on the Wireless Security Hype

OK, this maybe true. Perhaps we are left waiting for that first malware attack before being able to truly do much about. Then again, maybe we need to just lock things down now while we still can?

Security software vendor Kaspersky Labs joined the ranks of anti-malware specialists introducing applications designed for use on mobile devices with the launch of its new beta technology for smart phones running the Symbian operating system. Whether such tools should be in demand by enterprises remains a topic of debate among industry watchers.

Kaspersky’s introduction of its Anti-Virus Mobile beta is particularly interesting because an overwhelming majority of the mobile handset threats identified to this point have been aimed squarely at Symbian devices. And as recently as the third quarter of 2005, researchers at Gartner reported that Symbian accounted for two-thirds of the world’s shipments of smart phones, powerful handheld devices with larger memories and more PC-like capabilities than today’s popular handsets.

While most experts concede that smart phones could be one of the technologies that drive a new wave of adoption of enterprise mobility tools, Gartner said the cutting-edge devices represented only 6.1 percent of all the handsets shipped worldwide during 2005.

Those relatively small numbers, combined with the comparatively benign nature of today’s mobile threats, leaves some industry analysts with the impression that software vendors are inflating the issue…. Source: eWeek

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