Wife-Friendly Furniture Hides Slow PC

Oh man, this is brilliant! This totally works with the “domestic other” with regard to decor. Instead of getting an ear full about how your PCs are taking up space or just looking ugly; all piled up. Take a page from the example below on a truly creative solution.

This guy started out with an old 500MHz AMD processor on a motherboard, a handful of RAM sticks, a disk drive and other assorted parts, stuffed it all into a conventional-looking piece of furniture from Target, and ended up with this wife-friendly case mod that looks right at home in his living room. We especially like the way he attached a drawer front to the front of the DVD drawer, and when it opens, it reveals the DVD tray.

Too bad the guy went to all that trouble and then figured out, hey, a 500MHz processor is slow. Doh. So on his site he starts begging for contributions to help him buy faster components. Don’t fall for it. We’re getting sick of these online beggars. Why couldn’t he offer to do these case mods for others, charging them for the custom work? Whatever happened to working for the things you want instead of just begging? Nice case mod, though. Source: Gizmodo

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