Beyond SEO In Web Marketing

Picture it, the old days of the Web. Having a Web site was something only forward-thinking individuals did. The Internet was still shrouded in mystique and drenched in venture capital. And if you wanted someone to see your site, you had to bring them to it.

Those who survived that period with online-based ventures still intact were witness to a new era. And in the past two years, we’ve been ushered into yet another.

The days of Web 2.0 are not just upon us, they are here, whether we want to accept it or not. And now that Web 2.0 is solidifying, the way we think about web marketing has to change as well.

In the days of Web Marketing 2.0 it’s more about how your site is discovered, not how you find your clients online. You can be where your prospects are now, as well as have a readiness plan for the ones that reach you at the end of your decision-making process, thanks to RSS, and the deep penetration blogs have in search engines, respectively.

Now that we have the ability to let technology take part of the burden of being found online from our shoulders, we dedicate more time to doing what we do best – serve our customers.

So in this new world of Web Marketing, what are the tools?

You’ll need a communication vehicle, a way to broadcast your message to your audience, perhaps even internally, that gives everyone the same message at the same time.

Of course, one way to do this is blogging.

But what happens when everyone is blogging? Will one blog and one feed really do the trick? What happens when the channels of information you want to broadcast widen, and deepen? Can your existing system grow with you?

These questions about in the days of Web Marketing 2.0, and every online business will have to come up with an answer… or become invisible.

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