Spb Diary Gets Bumped Up To 1.7.5

I use Spb Pocket Diary daily and can’t live without it. It is a must have for any PocketPC and now it’s been updated to 1.7.5. With better integration with Spb’s flagship product, Pocket Plus, vertical tabs, improved synthesis with the number one PIM software for the Pocket PC, Pocket Informant (which itself was just updated,) and message handling done in a more expected manner for your SMS and e-mails, as well as an improved auto-height feature for the today plug-in, you can’t go wrong with this update. And as always with any release, minor bug fixes have been made.

If you have Spb Diary, the update is free. If you don’t, do yourself a favor and get it. It’s worth it and Spb does offer a free trail version for the timid.