The DVD Walkman by Sony, the D-VE7000S and DVP-FX810

I am just not “feeling” where Sony is trying to go with their new Walkman; sporting DVDs no less! To me, it just feels like another clunky product that offers next to nothing in the way of pizzazz.

After not succeeding in creating a successfull PMP, Sony decided to adopt a new strategy with this new and very interesting concept, the DVD Walkman. This D-VE7000S measures 19.3×13.6×2.79cm, weighs 780g and has 2 audio/headphone jacks. The DVP-FX810 has an 8″ screen whereas the D-VE7000S has a 7″ screen. Despite the fact that the idea is great, we have to admit that:

1) Sony hits the market too late, as this type of product has been on the market for years now
2) customers will be hard to find without DivX or Xvid support on these devices

To stand out of the crowd, they could have at least included a BR version… so a note to Sony: hire a president that has ideas to get the company out of the technological black hole they’re being sucked into slowly. Source: Akihabara news

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