Motorola Patents Shocking New Silent Alert System

Now my first reaction is to ask whether or not someone honestly wishes to be shocked as their mobile phone is ringing? Call me old fashion, but I find the entire idea to be silly.

Motorola has recently received a patent for a completely silent way of alerting users to incoming calls and messages. No, this isn’t the usual vibrating system – the Motorola patent involves alerting the owner using mild electric shock.

The system, not unlike the massage and weight loss systems currently available on the market today, uses a small pad containing electrodes that are wirelessly linked to a handset. When an event occurs on the handset, an electric potential is placed across the electrodes, stimulating the skin and underling muscles, thus alerting the wearer.

Motorola claim that the device is designed to address the problem that a vibrating alert is not truly silent – especially if the handset is placed on or next to a hard surface, such as a table or keys in a pocket. The new system solves this by having no moving parts, thus creating no noise.

Power levels and frequencies can be adjusted, allowing the owner to give a sort of ‘personal ring’ to an individual caller.

While the system is not expected to be included with handsets for some time, the innovation is interesting, to say the least. You can view the full patent application by clicking…. Source: MobileBurn

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