Asustek announces it plans to launch a tablet PC in June

From where I stand, if their Tablets are half as good as their motherboards, then I’d buy a Tablet PC from ASUS in a stone cold minute.

Maybe I am alone on this, but I do feel strongly about their motherboards and the company in general. They’ve done me right for years.

Asustek Computer Inc, the world’s largest motherboard manufacturer and a major notebook computer maker, plans to roll out its first tablet PC in June, a company official said yesterday.

“We gather from client feedback that there is demand for tablet PCs, especially in the medical, insurance and education sectors,” Asustek’s sales director Kevin Lin said in a telephone interview.

Operating on Microsoft Corp’s Tablet PC operating system (OS), tablet PCs have a convertible panel display and are able to convert handwriting and voice to text, allowing users to make notes like traditional pen and paper. Source: Taipei Times

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