Game Ads Going Mobile

There is little doubt that the availability of mobile games are a part of this growing trend. Well that and the targeting of the right age group as well.

In-game advertising is showing up increasingly not only on PCs, the web, and game consoles, but also on mobile phones.

Major brands like Coca-Cola and Toyota have been advertising in online video games, attracting major companies such as Microsoft and Viacom to acquire the startups Massive and Xfire (see Redmond to Play Ad Game and Viacom Pays $102M for Xfire).

Alex St. John, chief executive of WildTangent, a company that develops online casual games, talked about the trend Tuesday at the Games & Mobile Forum 2006 conference in New York City. A former Microsoft executive, he helped develop the DirectX technology that became part of the Xbox game console.

He has been working with Coca-Cola to sponsor a game called Polar Bowler on his company’s WildGames site that allows users to insert animated Coke bottle caps into an on-screen coin slot as game tokens. “Casual gaming is a behavior, not a demographic,” he said…. Source: Red Herring