How To: Run other OSs on your Mac with Parallels Workstation

I am inclined to agree that running Parallels is a little much for many users out there. Yes, there are a number of advantages (such as running Linux for instance), but is it really ready for the average person?

Parallels has been creating a lot of buzz with their Workstation software that allows Intel Mac users to run almost any version of Windows, Linux and many other OSs right inside of Mac OS X, without the need for shutting down what you’re doing in Mac OS X to reboot into the other OS. This ‘virtualization’ ability of the new Intel chips is a pretty big deal, and from my experience with running Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux on my MacBook Pro, I can understand why.

However, all this stuff about ‘virtual machines’ and using Parallels Workstation to install another OS inside Mac OS X can be a little daunting, so I thought I would put together a basic how-to for anyone interested in this software and what’s possible with it. I’ll try to explain some terminology to help clear up any confusion, and I will cover using Parallels Workstation to install both Windows XP and Ubuntu, one of the more popular ‘consumer friendly’ versions of Linux, or so I’m told (disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about Linux aside from the ‘most of it’s free’ convention and the few headlines that come across digg, so go easy on me if you have Ubuntu questions).

Click ahead for my five steps to running multiple OSs with Parallels Workstation in Mac OS X.

Step 1: Installing Parallels Workstation
Let’s begin our journey into virtualization goodness with getting Parallels Workstation installed. This is the software that allows you to install and run other OSs inside of Mac OS X. It is merely a tool and it is surprisingly small in size – it’s only 8.6 MB. If you don’t have your own copy and trial key yet, mosey on over to Parallels’ site (yes, mosey), download a demo and sign up for a free trial key….. Source:

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