CBS Radio to stream sports stations on phones

Well, it is good to see CBS wake up and joining the rest of the world! Geez guys, this is really not something that is considered all that ‘wow-tastic’, but it is better late to the game than never.

CHICAGO (MarketWatch) – CBS Radio said Monday it would team up with mobile- entertainment company mSpot to stream content from three sports stations to Sprint cell phones.

CBS Corp., like so many traditional media companies, is experimenting with a variety of platforms for its content, as consumers demand more control over when and where they enjoy media.

When users of certain Sprint phones tune to MSpot Sports, they will be able to hear a live stream from CBS Radio stations WFAN-AM in New York, WSCR-AM in Chicago and Philadelphia’s WIP-AM.

CBS Radio Chairman Joel Hollander said in a statement that the deal with mSpot recognizes that “listeners need immediate access and alternate ways to hear live broadcasts and news about their favorite sports teams.”
Sports-radio stations predominantly appeal to men 18 to 34 years old and 25 to 54. Both demographic categories are highly coveted by advertisers. Source: MarketWatch

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