The Damnedest Thing I Ever Saw

Some of the most unusual things that happen in the world only happen once, and then are gone forever. They can be funny events, or seemingly funny events that you just had to be there enjoy. You can always laugh about them later. Today’s Warped site takes us to a place where experiences like these are highlighted. Some of these are pretty wild.

The name of the site is The Damnedest Thing I Ever Saw. Here you will see, well, the most unusual everyday things that can happen to people. These anecdotal stories have a Reader’s Digest quality to them, as they are related in the first person (most of the time). Here is an example, one entitled “Damn Yankees”:

In a small Southern town there was a nativity scene that indicated great skill and talent in its creation. One small feature bothered me though. The three wise men were wearing firefighter’s helmets. Totally unable to come up with a reason or explanation, I left. At a “Quik Stop” on the edge of town, I asked the lady behind the counter about the helmets. She looked at me like I was an idiot, exclaiming, “You damn Yankees never do read the Bible!”

I assured her that I did, but simply couldn’t recall anything about firemen in the Bible. She jerked her Bible from behind the counter and ruffled through some pages, and finally jabbed her finger at a particular passage.

Sticking it in my face she said, “See, it says right here, ‘The three wise men came from afar.'”

Sounds like something right out of the Life in These United States, doesn’t it? There are unusual and humorous pictures as well.

A second part of the site is the advice column. You can ask questions of Biscuit T. Tidwell, renowned authority on Life , Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness, Relationships, Girls, Guys, Auto – Truck Repair, Huntin’, Fishin’, Cookin’ Camping, Mother-in-Laws, Bosses, Politics, Idiots and Love, Flyin’, Computers, Coon Dogs, Wifey/Hubby Problems, Brats and more. You simply fill out the form, he provides the answers. What could be easier? This is, to quote Steve Martin, a wild and crazy site. There is a lot going on here, so plan on spending some time with it. This site got a 9.0 from the Warp-o-Meter, so it must be good.

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