Threerock Software

Proof enough that all you need is a little skill and maybe some crazy sounding name to make it big in Web design. Hey, the name is funny for the younger crowd, anyway.

Threerock Software was founded in Ireland in 1995. Our customers range in size from from one of the biggest insurance companies in the world to medium sized construction companies. Our goal is to provide efficient and cost effective IT solutions to companies of all sizes in all industries.

We opened a new office in Australia in 1999 so we can cover the growing IT industry in both hemispheres.

Our people consist of a network of specialists focusing on their particular area of expertise. This ensures you get a service that best suits your needs. We have acted both as consultants and implementors with companies like ANZ Bank, AIG Insurance, Vision Computing, Sausage Software, Moresoft Training, FM Construction, Douglas Radio.
Project Management

Planning, staffing, documenting, coding, testing, and end-user training. We have expertise in a range of development methods including RAD and spiral.

Client/Server Development

Developing a customized client/server environment, using your legacy data, newly developed databases, SQL, and client applications.

Internet Development

Expertise in combining standard technologies like OLE, COM and DCOM with the internet using ASP, JavaScript, DHTML. We helped developed a generic shopping cart solutions for Sausage Software, a customisable Online Applications Suite for ANZ Bank. Source: Threerock Software

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