Microcontent Aggregators: Suprglu

Lately I have found myself reading more and more about Microcontent Aggregators. Then I came across this article talking up one called Suprglu. From the description, it sounds like time well spent for those of us that enjoy checking out the latest and greatest. The only real problem was that I was unable to get the site (Suprglu) to load. Perhaps it’s becoming too popular of its own good?

In part 3 of my look at mc aggregators [here are parts 1 and 2], I get stuck into Suprglu. In this post I ask the question: how sticky is this site? But enough puns, let’s get down to business. SuprGlu, a production of New York design studio Iridesco, is another product that enables users to collect their content from various services (flickr, delicious, etc) and put it in one place.

Of the 3 such products I’ve profiled so far – 43Things, PeopleFeeds and Suprglu – the easiest one to use is Suprglu. The step-by-step set-up process is user-friendly and includes a long list of possible content sources:

43 Things
All Consuming

If anything, it made me feel guilty for not having enough content sources! 🙂 It did seem to take a while for Suprglu to fetch the feeds, but it was a relatively minor issue. All in all, Suprglu has a nicely designed and helpful user interface…. Source: Read/WriteWeb

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