Ten deadly sins of web design

Now the article below is not really all that long. But do not let the short word span fool you in the least. These rules as spelled out below are actually something that we all need to take to heart.

The feature article in the latest issue (4/2006) of Swedish design magazine CAP&Design is called 10 dödssynder i webbdesign (Ten deadly sins of web design). I didn’t write this article, but I was interviewed for it and contributed with some examples of web design gone wrong.

Like the title says, the article brings up things that no web designer should ever do. Unfortunately, many of the sins mentioned in this article are committed every day by designers and developers all over the world. Here’s the list (my translations):

1. Not following basic typographic rules
2. Being too creative with navigation
3. Creating a cluttered navigation system
4. Making sure the site requires certain technology to work
5. Thinking that accessibility is only about blind people
6. Ignoring web standards
7. Not keeping search engines in mind from the start
8. Basing the site structure on your organisation structure
9. Using grey text on grey background
10. Skipping the feasibility study

Each deadly sin is explained in more detail in the article, which is currently only available in the printed magazine. Source: 456 Berea street

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