Crafts website hacked by terrorists

Wow, you talk about an eye opener! If there was ever a need to examine the strength on your Website’s security, it might just be now…

A plumber who loves glass etching, Andrew Roberge had crafts to sell. His son, Mike, knew Web design. Carriage House Glass is the marriage of their talents, an online catalog of sandblasted vases and goblets that ”caters to those who love beautiful and unique gifts,” the site proclaims.

But the website, which they started four years ago, offered more than just beautiful baubles, specialists in terrorism say. The site contained hidden files filled with the radical writings of a top aide to Osama bin Laden, including ”The International Islamic Resistance Call,” Abu Musab al-Suri’s 1,600-page manifesto advocating jihad.

The website was hacked a year ago by followers of Suri, a Syrian-born Al Qaeda leader, who turned the Roberge’s labor of love into an online reading room for aspiring mujahadeen, the specialists said. The revelation came as a shock to the Roberges, who said they had no idea that Islamic extremists had intruded on their website…. Source:

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