HP’s Getting a Little Personal

Now I think that it’s great that HP has come up with a new logo for us to ogle over. However I for one am interest to see if they can back things up with their mobile computing ideas…

Hewlett-Packard hopes to get a little more personal with customers in the ever-more-competitive mobile computing field, company executives said Tuesday.

Speaking at the company’s Mobility Summit in San Francisco, company officials showed off new notebooks, increased services for mobile devices, and practical ways to use them for business communication as well as personal data sharing and viewing.

HP, sporting a new marketing logo that looks eerily similar to those of Tim Burton’s animated films, hopes to pose itself as a leader with the ability to converge hardware and networking technologies.

Computing and handheld division managers said the electronics giant has the R&D dollars, marketing budget, and clout with other players, such as service or content providers, to make “mobility” a seamless category of notebooks, handhelds, and Wi-Fi or broadband-over Internet service… Source: Red Herring