Summer’s cruel heat is upon our doorstep. Its evil heat-rays will soon try to burn away our memories of winter fun. We must resist this meteorological amnesia and keep our snow-filled recollections intact. So today, let’s play a winter themed game.

The object of Snowball is to see how far you can roll a snowball down a slope. As it rolls, the snowball will grow larger and tumble faster and faster. When it starts out it can’t roll over anything, but once it has grown large enough it can easily crush anything unlucky enough to be in its path. What possible winter fun could be more enjoyable than that?

Except for the incomprehensible requirement to have a manager at the beginning of the game, Snowball is similar in gameplay to the classic Atari skiing game. You move right, you move left, dodging obstacles. But for some reason, which has nothing to do with crushing yetis, playing as a rolling snowball is more fun than playing as a skiier.

Our favorite part was crushing the yetis.

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