TiVo and Brightcove

Well it’s about time! I’ve been waiting for something like this to happen for sometime now. Oh sure, there are already set-top options similar to what TiVo and Brightcove are trying to accomplish. But perhaps in this latest attempt to bring Web based content to TVs, the set-top box crowd will do a better job with their new ideas than with the IPTV concepts of the past?

I figure that it should to be said that TiVo is in trouble with regard to their long term future. And their closest competitor known as ReplayTV, has already stopped making set-top boxes and actually moved into the software only side of the fence. So out of the two real pioneers in this field, TiVo is all that remains from the ‘good old days’ before PVRs were commonplace.

OK Brightcove, it would appear that the ball representing content people want to see has been dropped in your lap. Now the real question will be whether or not Brightcove can provide strong enough ‘videos’ to keep TiVo from dropping off the Earth anymore than it has already. Actually, if TiVo was able to truly bridge the gap between IPTV and mainstream television, I might even consider switching to the TiVo box myself…