150+ Microsoft Office Tips

For those of you who have not thoroughly explored the Lockergnome Web site, you probably are not aware that Lockergnome publishes its own set of ebooks that users can download for a very minimal price. The ebooks range in topics from Windows XP Professional Security to Exploring .NET to Wireless Networking.

Due to the number of readers that request to have all the Microsoft Office tips together in one download, Lockergnome has recently added the 150+ Microsoft Office Tips to its list of ebooks. The 150+ Microsoft Office Tips contains all the Office related tips I have written to date, including tips on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

With the 150+ Microsoft Office Tips ebook, you’ll learn new shortcuts, explore features, and discover hidden Office secrets that you never knew existed. From creating checklists in Word to indexing workbooks in Excel, these how-to articles and to-the-point tips will show you different ways of customizing, optimizing, and using advanced features of your favorite Office applications.

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