Palm Treo 700p To Be Released Monday?

Ever since the Treo 700w was released just a few months ago, the ‘Net has been a buzz with rumors of a Palm version. While PalmSource has left its operating system to age and wither, Palm, Inc. made its commitment to the OS of its beginnings clear early this year when CEO Ed Colligan stated that the company would continue releasing product with PalmSource product on it.

While the web is filled with speculation of when the 700p will be released, most feel that the 700p is a sure thing and is not vaporware like Cobalt turned out to be. The only real tough question is which network will be taking advantage of the EV-DO capabilities of the Treo 700p. Will it be Sprint or Verizon? Our sources say Sprint, as Verizon was able to get the exclusive deal on the Windows version while Sprint was offered the Palm version. With many of the leaked photos (doctored or not) showing the Sprint logo on them, it would seem to indicate our sources are correct.

If and when the 700p is released, it will be the first Treo update with a Palm OS on it since October 2004.

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