Kingdom Hearts II Walkthrough & Strategy Guide

Lunabean’s “Kingdom Hearts II” Walkthrough and Strategy Guide covers every detail of this long and complicated game. It begins with an extensive introduction introducing you to gameplay basics and explaining menus and then delves off into each and every world, detailing locations of items, where to go, and Boss Fights. This guide is all you need to impress King Mickey, reunite your friends, and wield your Keyblade with confidence. Ad-free, easy to read, beautifully bookmarked for ease of navigation, and allowed to be printed. For Sony PS2. 97 pages. 760 KB. In Adobe PDF format. Free Adobe Reader required, if you do not already have it.

Are other walkthroughs driving you mad? It seems today’s strategy guides are either filled with pictures instead of information, or they are written by people with little experience, and end up confusing (and sometimes offending) you even more.

Lunabean is here to save the day! Our walkthroughs and strategy guides are all written by professional video game strategy guide writers. They are easy to understand, easy to navigate, easy to read, and easy to print. If you want screenshots, we have many screenshot versions available, too. However, we understand the information is more important than the pictures, which is why we offer lower cost text-only versions of all of our guides.

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