Finally, Hands-on with the Wii

Should “we’ be all that excited about the “Wii”. At risk of sounding knee jerk here – yes. I believe that Xbox owns the gamers’ world and the Wii could very well help to attract the non-gamer like never before.

After witnessing the enormous several-hour line to get into the inner sanctum of Nintendo’s booth on the first two days of E3, I thought I’d never get to try out the Wii. Thanks to their helpful PR, I was able to skip the line today and go wait in a bunch of somewhat smaller lines inside the booth to try out the Wii games. Several hours later, I got some hands-on time with Nintendo’s new console.

First I played some of the simple sports games, like baseball and tennis. They’re…well…basic. The controller is quite sensitive and it’s really easy to get into the games. I know that’s what they’re going for. But there’s simply no depth at all there. Perhaps some of the Wii Sports games will be deeper once they’re released, but then there’s a big graphics problem. Yeah, Nintendo is talking about how graphics are secondary, but this is some seriously ugly stuff here. I also played a flying demo where you hold the controller like a paper airplane, and tilt it around to steer a plane on the screen. It’s a good example of the sensitivity and precision of the Wii remote, but it’s not a “game” by any stretch…. Source: ExtremeTech

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