Skype Offers Free SkypeOut – Hartley Yawns In Amazement

Maybe I am wrong about this, however I can’t shake the feeling that Skype has lost its ground in the VoIP world. Since there are now choices such as Google Talk, Qnext (still on my review list) and many others available, I honestly believe that Skype could be in trouble unless some voice quality changes are made pretty soon.

Now before you point out that most people using VoIP are either using Skype on their PCs or another Vonage type solution elsewhere, we need to remember that nothing is static in this world. It’s true, everything evolves and changes. Well, except for that one area of my apartment where I almost always have my cell phone calls disappear into a blizzard of static. More bars my eye!!

Seriously though, I feel that the SkypeOut (Skype to a POTS line) quality is mediocre at best. Usable, sure. However I will remain a mostly happy cell phone user until the challenges that VoIP has illustrated to me are resolved.

What are those challenges you ask? Eh, I might have exaggerated just a little. I guess the big thing with me is having the ability to take it with me. You know, like having the ability to take my cell phone with me when I am on the go. And while some mobile phone users can use Skype if they’d like to, it will do very little for those of us that live in areas where “WiFi” is still believed to be some sort of foreign cuisine. Bellingham, WA may be an attractive town to live in, but it does leave a lot to be desired with regard to wireless access.

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