Sony VAIO notebook to feature Blu-ray burner, built-in DV-R in June

As if there should be any real shock here: Sony’s VAIO notebook will be featuring Blu-ray. One thing that will likely have people scratching their heads however, will be their two tiers pricing for the notebook.

San Diego (CA) – Following up on Toshiba’s announcement just last week of its upcoming Qosmio notebook computer, which will display 1080i content on its high-resolution display, Sony today set the release date for its upcoming, much-anticipated VAIO AR Premium notebook with built-in Blu-ray player. Although a Sony press release today projects its release for “this summer,” Reuters reports this morning that it has pinned the company down to June.

The date is important, because June is when Sony has stipulated time and time again that the final HDMI 1.3 specification is due for release that same month. Computers and electronics equipment that include HDMI connectors – such as the Qosmio – may or may not conform to the HDMI specification, though Sony has made it clear it intends to follow the final specification (to which it is a major contributor), even if it has to wait. The advantage for consumers, Sony may be hoping, is that they won’t be enticed into too early an adoption, only to find themselves returning their equipment to retailers for a firmware upgrade…. Source: TG Daily

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