Spammers Are Becoming Too Dangerous

When people ask me just how bad the spam problem is on a global level, I have a difficult time putting into nice description that really helps to drive home the problem. Well, thanks to a article by Wired News, I can now just point to recent piece by Wired News!

In my opinion, spammers are criminals and should be dealt with as such. The unfortunate thing is that they generally are operating off of what is known as ‘Zombie PCs’ and therefore are incredibly difficult to track down.

Back in my neck of the woods, I receive an enormous amount of junk mail during any given day. Not just for one specific address either. It’s a problem across the board. And while I have some good filtering in place to help me manage all of this, the underlying problem remains.

What would I do differently?
First off, come up with some sort of international tribunal to track these turkeys down and try them fairly. Once they are convicted, sentence them to repairing computers infected with viruses that turn PCs into spam bots. For every PC they are responsible for infecting, that should translate into a PC that they are required to repair. Plain and simple.

In the real world this will never happen of course. The international landscape just wouldn’t be able to enforce such a thing. Regardless though, it sure sounds nice though…

And while it might not quite feel quite as good as inflicting bodily harm on them, I do believe that it offers a more civilized, productive deterrent to spamming folks. Those of you that repair PCs for a living have to admit that the punishment certainly would fit the crime.

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