The Best Of E3 2006 Airs On Television Today

The first in-depth television analysis of last week’s E3 airs today.

Gamer TV: E3 2006 broadcast on UK cable and satellite channel Bravo at 4.30pm and then again on Friday and Sunday, focuses on the PlayStation 3 and Wii launches, with highlights from the press conferences, analysis of the games shown and reaction from industry figures lucky enough to get their hands on the new consoles.

The programmes also feature interviews with David Yarnton, General Manager of Nintendo UK and Ray Maguire, boss of Sony Computer Entertainment UK.

Part two, broadcast next week, looks at Xbox 360, PC, handhelds and current generation systems .

Clips from both shows will also be available to watch here.

Richard Wilcox, Executive Producer commented, “E3 is so big, even if you’re there it’s hard to get anything more than a general sense of what happens there. These programmes give you a real sense of what was important about this year’s E3.”

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