The Wive$ Get Their Own Life On

Television experts have spoken – there’s a hot new soap in town, bringing a breath of fresh air to primetime. Footballers Wive$ “makes Desperate Housewives look like a small-town sewing circle” (Star), “is Dynasty on several kilos of coke” (Seattle Post-Intelligencer), and “an R-rated Falcon Crest with faster-paced, more over-the-top plot developments” (Star-Tribune). How could BBC AMERICA make this series even hotter before the season four premiere on June 4? Launch an exclusive, addictive online game where everyone plays dirty, and everyone’s trying to score, of course. and Templar have partnered to create an exclusive online game, play Everyone Plays Dirty, for fans of the utterly addictive primetime soap, Footballers Wive$.

Not a sports fan? Not a problem. Not familiar with the show? Not to worry. When you play the game you create your very own soap opera. The object is to keep the players, agents, managers, wives, and girlfriends in a good mood by making sure they have everything their little hearts desire – love, fame, money, power, and yes, a good reputation. Does star player Conrad need love? Send him to the airport for a romantic getaway. Does plastic surgery addict Shannon crave fame? Send her to the tabloids with the hope that the press will be kind. Being a footballer or a footballer’s wife has its advantages – money, power, fame – but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Players of Everyone Plays Dirty will have to keep on their toes – the characters have a mind of their own and even the best attempts at giving them what they need have a way of back-firing and going horribly wrong. Without your good influence, these characters will play dirty, and will be irretrievably drawn to gambling, brawling, boozing, and shagging. So what are you waiting for? All you need to start playing is Internet access and Flash Player 8.0.

Play Everyone Plays Dirty

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